MiniDive rental

With the rental of a MiniDive, breathe underwater and discover the breathtaking sea life of the Mediterranean.


Pop’Bike exclusively offers you the rental of the MiniDive Pro+. The MiniDive Pro+ is a French invention “made in France” that makes the practice of scuba diving accessible to all! Light and portable, the Minidive Pro+ is reliable equipment in accordance with European safety standards. Try the experience and visit the Mediterranean marine fauna and flora.

Rent a MiniDive

MiniDive Pro+

Autonomy20 minutes, 40 minutes with the additional recharge
Weight2 kilos
Maximum depth

3 meters

De 9 h – 14 h ou 14 h – 19 h35 euros
Additional recharge15 euros 
Diving buoyIncluded
Mask, snorkel and fins5€ half a day, offered when renting with the Seawing
Additional oxygen recharge 15€
Seawing40€ in addition to the MiniDive
  • Deposit by personal debit or credit card
  • Valid ID card or passport

500 euros

Frequently asked questions

Our Pop’Bike agency offers the MiniDive Pro+ with all the equipment to dive safely. Find our agency in the heart of Juan les Pins, open in summer, Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7p.m.

It is not necessary to be trained in scuba diving to practice this new form of snorkeling. However, for any non-diving professionals, it is highly recommended not to dive more than 3 meters deep. It is also not allowed to go diving alone.